Frequently Asked Questions

Accshub accounts are safe to use. We have satisfied clients across multiple countries. We won’t offer any compromised accounts to our clients or accounts that have not passed our quality standards checks.
Yes. we sell PVA fully verified Accounts and also none PVA (Phone verified accounts.)
Yes. You can get a replacement as long as you didn't pass the 48 hours warranty. Note that if the 48 hours period has been passed then we will not offer any refund / replacement. We will offer a full refund only if we fail to deliver a functional account as a replacement.
You must use a proxy & a fresh browser (Firefox portable/Chrome portable) before you login to our accounts. If you refuse to follow those terms we might not offer a replacement / refund within the 48 hours windows of your purchase
Yes. We can provide you with custom orders.
We support Litecoin / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Paypal
Yes. you can change anything as this account belongs to you once you purchased it.
Yes, you can use any dedicated (Proxy, NOT VPN.) IP to login to our accounts.
12 - 24 - 48 Hours max. Only in rare cases it could take up to 72 hours. Usually, we deliver within 12 Hours
We do after purchase offer support to our clients.
Just contact us via support ticket or skype/telegram/email so we can investigate the accounts you bought from us. If we find out that the problem is on our end we will provide you with a replacement out of charge as long as it is within the first 48 hours that you purchased the account.
Yes. We always make sure to create our accounts on Dedicated proxies and unique browser fingerprints so our clients will be able to use them for the long-term. If we work with a third-party account provider for specific products and accounts weren't created on our end we always double check that we are working with a reliable supplier that our clients can actually rely on.
We deliver an excel file with all of the information that you may need. If you are looking for *.txt format ; we can deliver too. You might want to reach out to us so we can assist.
Yes, we do offer discounts for bulk orders. For more information, feel free to contact us.
Accshub has an Anti SPAM policy, We are 100% against sending out fake messages / illegal content with our accs. The Buyers are solely responsible for their own actions when they are using Accshub accounts. Accshub's goal is to provide business owners with bulk accounts to test their marketing formulas or for people who care about their privacy online / Educational research. Accshub io is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on our website.